High Tide Musicians and Equipment List

Mills Owens (Vocalist, Keyboards, and Programming) Equipment list, drums
Kurzweil 2661 Keyboard
Korg Triton keyboard
Roland VK8 Organ
JBL Monitor
EV Mic

Eddie Hipps (Vocalist, Bass guitar, Monitor Engineer, Equipment Tech) Equipment list
Warwick Bass
Ampeg amp
4-10, 1-18 Ampeg speaker cabinet
Sennheiser EW145G2

James Tarrent (Lead Vocalist) Equipment list
Sennheiser E845 Wireless Mic

Joseph Ballew(Vocalist, Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Front of House Engineer, and Programming)Equipment list
Musicman guitar
Fender American Deluxe guitar
Kramer Stagemaster Deluxe guitar
Taylor  Acoustic Guitar
Agile Les Paul
Agile double neck SG
Kurzweil 2500 rack keyboard module
Yamaha Motif XS Rack
Mesa Boogie MK III amp head
Fender Cybertwin amp head
4-12 Marshall speaker cabinet
4-12 Mesa Boogie speaker cabinet
2-Vox (2-12 speaker cabinets Neodog)
Eventide H 8000 processor
Lexicon MPX 1
Alesis quadraverb
Boss GT Pro Guitar processor
Boss GT10
Vox Tonelab LE
Line 6 X3 Live
QSC RMX2450 Power Amp
Ibanez TS9
Foxrox TZF Paradox flanger
Real McCoy custom Wah
Boss 10 band EQ
Vodoo Labs Power pedal
2-Ground control midi controllers
Roctron All Access midi controller
Lexicon Midi controller
Stompin’ Ground Pedal board
Yamaha drums
Allen and Heath 16 Channel rack mount mixer
Shure SM57 mics for guitars
EV Mic for vocals

Public Address and Monitor Systems
QSC Power Lite 4.0 Power Amp
Crown K2 Power Amp
QSC RMX2450 Power Amp
Mackie 1400 Power amp
4-McCauley SA288
4-McCauley SA422-2
5 - Yahama SM15V Stage Monitors
DBX Crossover
Allen & Heath GL 2200 –24 Mixer Monitor board
Allen & Heath GL 3300 –32 Mixer Front of house
Lexicon MPX 1 Effects
DBX compressor
Rapco 24x4 Splitter Snake

8-Par 64 lights
Dimmer pack
Spot light