High Tide playing in a club in Greenville, SC

Mills lost behind his keyboard and Eddie pounding the massive bass

High Tide and friends Marty and Dan

J T doing his thing

Joseph and his Guitar

Teresa and Donna in
Hiawassee, Ga on New Years Eve

Mills singing from the heart on New Years

Mills and his favorite instrument, the organ

J T and Joseph side stage New Years

Rapping up the show New Years

Finishing up a set in Hiawassee Ga

Donna, Joseph, and Amanda

J T having fun

Joseph and Donna on Halloween

Typical crowd reaction

J T and that massive tongue on Halloween

Mills and Gail on Halloween

Dan and Peggy Sue

Mills singing at the Hyatt

Teresa and Donna at the Hyatt

J T looking sharp

Joseph and Donna

Mills and Gail

Romance in the air