David Harrison
Greenwood Federal Building


Dear High Tide Members,

Thank you guys (Joseph, Mills, Eddie and JT) for providing excellent entertainment for my daughter’s wedding. It has been years since I heard you, but you never missed a beat and the song selections were very appropriate for ALL ages. Of all the wedding preparation that my wife and I had to oversee, this process was the easiest and I thank you for that. Each member is very talented in their own unique way and combining these talents makes your band very VERSITAL, which makes the title of your new CD “Versatility” very appropriate.

 I have seen many bands over the years and I can honestly say that your group is some of the most talented around. Combining Joseph’s guitar talent with vocals, Eddie’s talent on Bass, Mills talent on key boards and range on vocals and JT’s vocal’s and entertainment skill, I truly believe this set’s your band apart from all the other’s. Many of my guest commented that the live performance was better than the CD! I would have to agree. They could not believe the range of music that your band provides and this is what makes an event such as a wedding very special for all ages.

I look forward to continuing to follow you in the local area and will continue to support you on the beach music seen, requesting your songs for play on our local beach music radio station. In addition, my family (Brother and his Wife) were so impressed that they plan to make some calls to help you secure gigs in the North Myrtle Beach area where they live.

Keep the music playing and do not change a thing! I look forward to hearing you in the near future.

Again – Thank You So Much For A Great Night!

David N. Harrison
Greenwood, S.C.

Beverly Goolsby from Greenville, SC
Executive Assistant
President’s Office
Morgan Carbon Americas/National Electrical Carbon
US Headquarters


We love you Beverly! We will play your Christmas party for as long as you will have us.

High Tide has played for our company Christmas Party for 4 years and I book them a year in advance to ensure they will be available.  They are always accommodating, on time, professional, and work the crowd.  Their song choices are unlimited and if you want them to learn a special song that isn’t in their repertoire, you can consider it done…and, it will sound nothing less than perfect.  The dance floor is never empty when High Tide is playing!  Our Christmas Party was not especially successful until High Tide started playing for us.  We have gone from 86 people 4 years ago to over 260 last year.  We actually had to move the location of the party due to the unbelievable increase in attendance…we definitely owe Mills, Eddie, Joe & JT a special thanks.  Nobody wants the party to end!  We have actually had to ask the guys to play an extra hour the last two years. They did so without hesitation and it was as perfect – as though they were playing their first set, and I know they were exhausted.  We have employees in our company from twenty-something to sixty-something and they all ask me if we can have High Tide again next year.  The President of our company said he would have to fire me if I tried to change the band because we finally hit on the perfect group who played music that appealed to each and everyone who attended.  High Tide is “family” to us. We all look forward to December 2007 for another perfect Christmas Party made possible by this fabulous group.

Susan Stansell from Lake Keowee SC comments about her daughters weddings


The Stansells let us use their guest quarters in their estate so we could cool down between sets.


I can not begin to say thank you enough for the performance that High Tide provided for our daughter's wedding. Never in this world could we have been more satisfied. This band exceeded all of our expectations. They were very easy to work with from the beginning to the curtain call at the end. I could not get people to leave the dance floor. The mix of music selections provided dance and entertainment for all ages. We had 300 guest for an outdoor wedding and reception, it was smoldering hot, but, never did the guest stop dancing. I have had many inquiries for the band's name and how to get in touch with them. Thank you again and I will most definitely be calling High Tide the next time I need any type of entertainment, whether for a small group or a large group of people.


Ben and Brigid Karson from Chicago, IL but performed wedding in Charleston, SC


Ah, the French Quarters in the Battery. Brigid and her dad gave the band a $400 bonus and even stated that we we the best band that she has ever seen. She made the club scene in Chicago quite
a bit. Good luck Ben and Brigid!


"HighTide was AMAZING! They really know how to play to the crowd. We originally selected them for their incredible range as far as song selection, but they wowed us and all of our guests with their professionalism and energy. Ever song was perfect!!! They appeal to ALL age groups!!! Everybody was on the dance floor the WHOLE night! They have a unique ability to sense what the audience wants and make it happen!!! It was an incredible night and we have High tide to thank for it! Thanks again!"



Jarrett Price from Greenville, SC Wedding bride


Jarrett found out about the band through her mom. Her mom has seen the band several times before when it was a public event.




High Tide made my wedding reception so much fun!  They played a great variety of music and had everyone on the dance floor the whole night.  They were very professional and easy to work with.  They even learned an additional song that I wanted played for the father/daughter dance.  I had many people tell us that our wedding reception was the most fun reception they had ever been too, much of which can be attributed to High Tide's performance.  I would recommend High Tide to anyone looking to set their event apart from all the rest. 


Lori Rhodes  from Manning SC comments about her wedding


Lori arranged perfect accommodations for the band and we wish her all the luck in the world.


High Tide did a wonderful job for our wedding reception. They are incredibly organized and accommodating. They were willing to work with us in any way necessary to make the reception special for us.
Heather and Jason Nail, from Atlanta, GA but performed
wedding at Hilton Head SC


High Tide is at home at the beach. Heather and Jason were wonderful host.


High Tide was an incredible band for our beach wedding!  Every guest was dancing by the end of the night, and the music really targeted all ages, which is important when it comes to weddings.  The song list was great, and they sounded fabulous!  High Tide was very flexible and great to work with!